Who We Are

Creative director Alena Mira, after years of traveling around the globe, creates meaningful and authentic jewelry and clothing items with nomadic spirit. The word ‘nomad’ comes from a Greek νομάς that means one who wanders for pasture. Positive, ethical and sustainable are the main codes of the label.

Established in 2017, NoMAD by Alena Mira celebrates world heritage and Earth history. All people dress their bodies in some way, and the designers’ aesthetics show the role of fashion in human culture. The collections arise from centuries of tradition and never go out of style. The cultural manifestation of the label is to turn precious cloth and fabulous raw natural stones and crystals into unique pieces of art.

NoMAD looks and accessories cannot go unnoticed as they work as true energy accumulators. Created for modern nomads who appreciate beauty of things, love adventures, new discoveries and have learned to chase their dreams. NoMAD by Alena Mira is a one of a kind experience.