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Breathing through nature

Each item of clothing is crafted by mere handiwork, using homespun cloth, more than 200 years old. Each article of jewelry reveals the idiosyncratic beauty and spirit of nature in unique stones and cristals, transfering its natural energy and deep influence to the owner.

The collection reflects the true natural forms of reality, being beyond
time & fashion trends. Our task is to turn prescious cloth and fabulous
raw natural stones and cristals into pieces of art.


Manifestation of soul

Each human is unique. Living in our own reality, we manifest ourselves through our worldview, our actions, our communications and things we surround ourselves with.

NOMAD is created to help your soul manifest it's true nature
to the outside world. Not using any machinery, we create entirely
unique pieces for entirely unique people and their spirit.

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Roots of our ancestors

The cloth used is the treasure homespun material, made by our ancestors hundreds of years ago, in the times, when while making it, people were transfering deep emotions & feelings into the whole process, giving it a new life.

NOMAD is a peculiar merging of ethnic force with energies from past and future. The quantity of this hand-woven linen cloth is totally limited, so it makes the whole collection to be a limited and prescious one.


Energy of heart

Both, clothes and jewelry are inspired and made by directions of heart. Heart knowsno time. Heart knows only energy. And that gives our collection unique and deep sounding.Made by people and for people, for something deeper in them, for their heart and soul.

Creating Nomad clothes and jewelry we tend to harmonize with the environment and preserve its uniqueness and naturalness.